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Spawn Update 3 months ago

Looks like it has been snowing! Here is the new spawn that will remain through the winter season on Voyaci ⛄

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New Information Hall 9 months ago

A new information hall has been created to provide newer players with information about how to play basic skyblock however also provides information on different aspects of the server such as island upgrades and jobs.

In order to access the new information hall, type /warp info or access it via the warp villager located at spawn.

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We have created a new Nether Island which is accessible through any nether portal you create on your island, featuring a magma cube spawner and also a blaze spawner, this island is a rework from the original design which was observed to be too large. As well as this, a new End Island has also been introduced, this island features an enderman spawner.

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After looking at it for a while we realised that people generally disliked the huge islands we previously had, we have therefore replaced them with one large and two small custom islands, you can see these in the image below.

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Spawn Update
by xDawk
3 months ago

New Information Hall
by xDawk
9 months ago